Outdoor LED Display

Tentech Outdoor led display designed to survive in the harshest environments as dust, rainfall and winds, Tentech Outdoor display are industry –renowned for their unbeatable reliability with high end performance guarantee. We offer a deep contrast, High refresh rate and brightness to make the images high visible and the colors pop outdoor led display for your live concert, Sports stadium, Highway Advertising, Shopping malls and other related Outdoor Advertising places. We always try to fulfill our customer requirement through our customized outdoor led display, no matter the size or shape become a reality for their Outdoor installation at various places. We have extensive working experience with all types of clients from initial vision to finished installation. Our Outdoor led display product offers weatherproof SMD and DIP configurations that can compete with direct sunlight and withstand rain, wind and dirt.

Anyone can put a large Outdoor Led display on the side of a building or on the Highways but Tentech Outdoor Led display is remarkably high brightness level ensures pixel-perfect pictures and video graphics at all times – even in direct sunlight and heavy rainfalls – throughout the lifecycle of the product. Tentech led gives you the flexibility of custom screen sizes, along with front and rear service options, with its certified waterproof (IP68) outdoor LED display screen solutions as well as we also promises high pictures quality and durability

Why You Choose Our Outdoor Led Display

Lastest Technology

We have latest technology and various verities of Indoor led wall as per your given requirement and also we provide life time service support to you. We offer you best visual performance, unrivaled reliability and great operating flexibility with pixel pitches of from 0.9 up to 6 mm in Indoor led walls.

High on performance

We produce high quality resolution, brightness, Contrast and refresh rate, Our  Indoor video Display come with 100,000 hours of service life. We not only is becoming increasingly popular but we are also excellent in terms of designs, resolution, sizes and shape as per your prefer installation area .

Stylish Design

LED Display solution for most versatile designs and visual applications. Each of our Led display is customized as per your request to serve the unique needs of all your clients. We can create all shapes, sizes, configurations as well as curved screen to create a revenue-turning customer experience.

Reliability Guaranteed

Our Indoor Led Display gives you the flexibility of customized screen sizes, along with front and rear service options. We also promises high pictures quality and durability to the conference speeches and presentations with pictures, illustrations, charts, videos and much more for your specific place .